Taking Organic Sulfur

When deciding to take Organic Sulfur remember the products labeled MSM-sulfur purchased through health food stores or on line MSM are most likelynot the same product that is available through Natural Health Organic Sulfur Products Ltd.(the West Coast Organic Sulfur Project). Other retail MSM products, or online products that are in pills, powders, capsules, or combined with other health products, have been repeatedly shown to be not as effective as pure organic sulfur in its large crystal form. Processed and/or powdered versions of sulfur contain harmful additives and anti-caking/flow agents that significantly decrease the healing effect. Natural Health Organic Sulfur Products Ltd. uses a pure and unprocessed bio-available form of methylsulfonymethane. Also: Organic Sulfur is quickly made less effective by chlorine and fluoride. Take it with pure, filtered water. Distilled, electronic-alkaline, with O2 drops, or reverse osmosis waters (etc.) are fine, as long as the water is without unnatural metals, chlorine, or fluoride.


1 measured teaspoon = 4 - 5 g

The standard amount for a person in reasonably good health is:

  • Metric: 5 - 6 g per 45 kg of body weight, twice a day, about 10 hours apart.
  • US Measurement: 1.5 measured teaspoons per 100 lbs of body weight, twice a day, about
    9 - 10 hours apart. i.e: a generally healthy, active 150 pound person would take 2 - 2 1/2 teaspoons early morning and the same amount again, in the late afternoon (about 30 minutes before the evening meal).

Too much Organic Sulfur has not been demonstrated to be harmful. Actually, it is evident
the body works better with too much rather than too little. Adults, under 120 lbs, take a
minimum of 1.5 tsp twice a day, about 9 - 10 hours apart. If in doubt, always take a little more
than you think you should. Too much organic sulfur has not been demonstrated.

Option A: Dissolve the recommended amount in a 10 oz glass of warm water and drink it (drinking a glass of some-what bitter water).

Option B: Most study participants simply eat the Organic Sulfur: Put it directly into your mouth and chew/swallow it with a sip of water and follow this with drinking 10 oz of clear, plain, non-chlorine filtered water.

If in doubt about the amount, take slightly more than recommended; too much sulfur has never been demonstrated to be harmful. Take it with or without food.

Maintaining proper hydration is important.

Details on the Hydration - Catalyst Altered Water page.

The study suggests that sulfur should be taken thirty (30) minutes before any prescription medications or nutraceutical products. Silicon dioxide or silica, which are used in these products, blocks 100% the body's uptake of sulfur.

Other Applications

Organic Sulfur appears to have a synergistic, positive effect on everything related to metabolism and cellular efficiency. Many study members report needing much less or often no other vitamins, prescription drugs, and other supplements. Please read the disclaimer. Organic Sulfur apparently has no detrimental affect on any supplement or health product; but some health products and prescription medications have a detrimental effect on sulfur.

For chronic illness and serious healing concerns the amount is increased. When ordering this is discussed on an individual basis with the director and depends on other considerations. Detoxification from addictions cravings seems to be modified and reduced when people are trying to maintain abstinence from addictive substances and behavior. We have many reports that the detoxifying phase of recovery appears to be shorter and less intense. Using the Catalyst Altered Water/Organic Sulfur solution described below has a noticeable, positive effect on healing burns.

  • For eye concerns, eye tiredness, eye dryness, retina scarring from surgery, poor eye sight: dissolve 4 – 5 teaspoons of our organic sulfur in 8 oz of chlorine free Catalyst Altered Water. Use this solution as eye drops; two or three drops in each eye three times a day—early AM, afternoon, and at bedtime.
  • Several women report using an organic sulfur-pH Catalyst Altered Water solution (5 tsps in 8 oz Catalyst Altered Water) as an internal/external vaginal wash for vaginitis and yeast infections with excellent results.
  • Obtain a small atomizer/spray bottle. Dissolve 5 teaspoons of organic sulfur in 8 ozs of Catalyst Altered Water. This organic sulfur-based, high-alkaline pH water spray is used as a skin wash for skin conditions—rashes, facial scarring, acne, rough complexions, aged skin, wrinkles, moles, herpes outbreaks, genital warts, birthmarks. Spray it on clean skin a few times a day and let it air dry; don't wipe it dry. If you wear makeup, then at bedtime. Have a separate container of the organic sulfur pH water and use it for toothpaste/mouthwash for oral health concerns.

Over the course of several months, using the eye drops, taking the proper amount of Organic Sulfur orally, and using the recommended pH-sulfur spray solution, skin tone, wrinkles, and color should noticeably improve. After an extended period (usually more than several months) scars have become slowly smaller and less noticeable.

  • Some people, not many, report minor healing crises that manifest for the first short while, i.e. mild headaches, mild joint pains, or very mild diarrhea. These vary, but some sort of short-term (mild) detoxification or healing crisis is often experienced; sometimes described as similar to a mild flu. Over the first year, these may recur briefly. In the beginning, your body cells, blood capillaries, cellular oxygen/nutrient transfer, amino acid and peptide manufacture, aren't working well. The Organic Sulfur corrects this, and the pains and discomfort are clear evidence that your body is adjusting and healing. Should mild flu-like symptoms occur, immediately take an extra teaspoon of Organic Sulfur and double your sulfur intake for a day or two. Persevere through this phase.
  • Carry a few tablespoons of Organic Sulfur with you in a small plastic bag or a clean prescription bottle. Whenever possible, at the onset of a headache, eat (don't dissolve it in water and drink it), eat an extra teaspoon of organic sulfur and hold it in your mouth for a few minutes. This increases the efficiency of absorption and very often will reduce or eliminate the headache. Persevere. In the middle of a long, stressful day, take an extra teaspoon of sulfur.

To order:
Call Richard Clark at 1-855-875-9311 (Toll Free North America) or Surrey/Vancouver BC local: 604-542-9310
9:00 AM – 2:00 PM, Monday – Friday, Pacific Time
If there is no answer, please leave a message and your call will be returned. We cannot return 20% of our calls: bad cell phone connection or talking too fast. Please repeat your number and speak clearly and slowly. Thank you.

Please remember, this is a research study. The listed health improvements are reports from our participants. They may seem unbelievable, but they have been consistently reported. Rates and degree of success vary and are dependent upon regular, long-term use of Organic Sulfur according to the guidelines we have established over the years of the Cellular Matrix Study. Positive results consistently accelerate with regular use of EFT/energy work. www.GracefulTransformation.ca

ORGANIC SULFUR IS A FOOD THAT THE BODY REQUIRES TWICE-DAILY to be healthy. Because of chemical fertilizers, preservatives, stress levels, toxin ingestion, and processed food that's available today does not provide the quantity of bio-available sulfur our body needs to be fully healthy. The reported results are with the Organic Sulfur sold through the West Coast Organic Sulfur Project and by Natural Health Organic Sulfur Products Ltd.. The information reported from study members regarding the use of other types of MSM-sulfur is quite clear: the health benefits are not nearly as significant.

Please Read the Disclaimer